Live in Texas long enough and you grow very accustomed to long, uninterrupted periods of dry. Bone dry. Months can pass with no rain. Lakes dry up. The landscape turns straw brown. It’s good weather for dyeing wool but not much else!

This is why April has been such a joy this year. The best, most consistent rains in years have created a lush green paradise. It may be a coincidence, but sales of our green hand dyed wool are up this month. Of course, storms have a downside. Over the weekend these included severe winds and several nearby tornadoes. In the light of day, we discovered a large tree had cracked in half and was now lying across our driveway.

So who could blame us last evening when yet another storm approached? All turned out well, however. Instead of broken branches, last night’s storm left a different kind of gift in the form of this rainbow arching gracefully over our property.