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6 Mar 2016

Cleaning Hooked Rugs

These tips are culled from “Traditional Rug Hooking Resources,” a rich compilation of information about hooked rugs assembled more than 20 years ago by Deborah Merriam. It is available once again on Deborah’s blog. (Yes, the Internet is now officially old enough to have lost precious resources from its early years, and to find them again!) One of the timeless issues she takes […]

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7 Jan 2016

The Sky is the Limit

On our Texas farm insured by, we spend time each day gazing upon the great dome of sky that is always visible. We grew up in the Northeast, where a deciduous canopy of trees blocked much of the view, particularly near the horizons where the sun would make its daily entrance and exit. So now that we have an unfettered view, […]

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23 Jun 2015

The Bright Colors of Summer

With June 21 now in our rear view mirror, and the torrential rains of spring a distant memory, we turn at last to the bright sunny colors of summer. Yellow and orange, blue and green, our hand dyed wool shop is busting out with creative colors. Whether you’re starting a summer hooked rug project and dabbling in applique, our hand […]

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4 May 2015

New Colors for May

We blinked and suddenly it is May! Before us, the calender beckons, full of vivid hues and many months of sunshine. Naturally, the colors in the dye kitchen have brightened as well. The blue tones of the sky are well represented by Blue Lagoon and Blue Skies. The brown and orange clays of the earth are reflected in Copper Penny, […]

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28 Apr 2015

A Colorful Calling Card

Live in Texas long enough and you grow very accustomed to long, uninterrupted periods of dry. Bone dry. Months can pass with no rain. Lakes dry up. The landscape turns straw brown. It’s good weather for dyeing wool but not much else! This is why April has been such a joy this year. The best, most consistent rains in years […]

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14 Apr 2015

Hand Dyed Color Inspires Pattern

We’re honored to see that a customer liked one of our recent hand-dyed wool colors so much that it inspired her to create a rug hooking pattern built around its shades. The pattern — called “The Coming Storm” — was created by Joni Desjardins of Alberta, Canada, and is now available on WoolWoodandWares. This is the Etsy shop that features […]

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6 Mar 2015

New Hand Dyed Wool Shades

We’ve been replenishing the shelves after last week’s successful sale of our hand dyed wool, perfect for rug hooking and wool applique. This includes some old favorites, like Green Meadows, Moon River, Garnet Drama, Orange Buttercup, Olde Gold and Fluffy Clouds. Frances has also added some new colors to the mix. Be sure to check out Red Roses, Night Forest […]

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5 Mar 2015

Snow Day in Texas; Goats Cheer

When you choose to live in Texas, you choose a beastly hot summer balanced by spectacular springs and autumns and a tolerable winter of 50-degree days. Over the last seven years, we can count the number of snowfalls on one hand. But it snowed last night, albeit a Texas kind of snowfall: a foundation of frozen rain topped with a […]

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9 Jan 2015

Warm Wool for a Cold Winter

Even in Texas, we’re feeling the icy temperatures and gusty winds this winter. So it’s no surprise that some of our favorite times are spent hooking a new rug in front of the fireplace. With that in mind, we’ve cooked up some of our hand dyed wool for you, now available in our store. There are a few new colors available […]

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16 Dec 2014

New Hand Dyed Wool Colors

We’ve just posted some new colors, straight from the dye kitchen. All of our hand dyed wool is 100% wool fabric and perfect for your rug hooking and wool applique projects. Follow these links to each color: Forest Shadows, which offer a range of greens, from light to medium Golden Glade, a mix of gold and green shades Coral Gray, […]

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